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5 easy tips to lose the pounds of the holidays

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The festive season is over and although this year’s festivities were not in many ways similar to those of previous years, they nevertheless had something in common, such as the love we shared again with our loved ones and some extra pounds! As careful as we want to be every year during this period, we cannot refuse some of the savory and sweet delicacies that surround us almost every day these days. Below, we will see some smart and easy tips that will help us get back to the body we had a few weeks earlier! 


Yes, in front of us again! Because that will always save us. That will always be the solution. If we allow our body to become dehydrated, our metabolism malfunctions, so the rates of weight loss are slow. The more water we drink the more calories we burn. How about a glass of water now, before we move on to the next tips?


Continue to eat as many meals as you would before reading this text. Also, continue to eat whatever foods you would like to eat. But make a small but miraculous change: make room on your plate for… green! Every time you put a portion of your food on a plate, estimate that… green needs about half of the space, because you need it. It is incredible how much vegetables help in weight loss and good health of our body.

Extra tip: Because most vegetables rot quickly when stored, so you do not have to resort to unhealthy alternatives when you do not have them fresh in your fridge and you do not skip eating them, you always have vegetables in the freezer.


Get some unsalted nuts, and you will not regret it. Almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, peanuts are just a few of the options you have and they are all both delicious and healthy and at the same time nutritious and filling. They can be your snacks between meals, they can be part of your salad – and so, you may decide that you do not need that slice of bread to feel full -, they can make their own meal, for example your breakfast, simply entering into a yogurt. Whatever you prefer, nuts will definitely be your very strong allies.

Goji berry

This red fruity super-fruit greatly enhances metabolism and is used successfully for weight loss. Regular consumption will increase energy levels in the body, will help significantly detoxify the body – this is the first wild fruit containing antioxidants – and will very quickly bring into your life a unique sense of well-being. It can accompany any main or intermediate meal and can be consumed in many, incredible combinations.


Because we do not get rid of it, we better love it as soon as we can. Anything that makes you sweat is welcome. So do not feel bad if you are not a fan of running, for example. Cycling, yoga, Pilates and many other types of exercise, whether you choose outdoors or indoors, can be just as beneficial. Find something that suits you and… run against it!

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