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5 foods-shield against the cold

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Along with 2021, in our company we have the low temperatures. Cold with sun, cold with rain, cold with snow… In other words, it is constantly cold outside during this period. But to see what we could do to improve the temperature inside us? How can we help our body stay warm? The simplest and most basic answer is through our diet – of course, and warm clothing, both indoors and outdoors, helps a lot in this battle!

Let’s see what are some of the foods-shields that help us cope with the cold and have a strong and ready organism to cope with any condition.


Believe it, they work like balm! The hot soup (meat soup, chicken soup, fish soup, pumpkin soup) are an ideal food for the winter, as well as strengthen the immune us while hydrating the body. Having regular hot meals and drinks is one of the best gifts we can give as long as the mercury prefers to be low.


They are an integral part of our winter diet. They fill us up and give us all the energy we need without, in fact, having a lot of calories. He is one of our strongest allies in difficult weather conditions and, fortunately for us, there is a great variety to make choices each time according to our appetite.


Cereals, bread, rice, potatoes and all kinds of pasta provide energy at a slow but steady pace. This makes the process of keeping the body temperature at constant levels easier. Of course, here, the caloric load of food is high and we need to be a little careful with the quantities. You will find the healthy alternative proposal of GOJI SPIRIT here.

Goji berry

It is no coincidence that even in this case they can stand alone as a separate category. In winter, the daily intake of Vitamin C is more than necessary to strengthen the immune system and hydrate the body – goji contains 500 times more vitamin C than oranges (per unit weight). In addition, for even stronger shielding of the body against low temperatures, it helps us with Vitamin E, iron, selenium and many other elements it contains.

Hot spices

The variety is great: black pepper, cayenne, chili, boukovo, etc. Choose the one you prefer and it best suits your meal each time. They contain substances such as capsaicin and piperine that cause thermogenesis, and putting them on our plate raises our internal temperature and we quickly feel the difference. With the right “fuel” at the right frequency we do not need to worry about any temperature. We are provided with the necessary food and ingredients and we enjoy it equally all the months of the year!

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