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5 simple ways to strengthen our immune system

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Strengthening our immune system is something that concerns us all – especially in the winter months, especially this year! There are many readings and our general searches to be led to the most effective choices and decisions. But sometimes things are simpler or, as they say, “the essence is hidden”. Below, we will look at some simple but… miraculous ways that help maintain our health and, consequently, our happiness!

1. Spend some time in the sun

This is primarily a summer habit but it is really beneficial to spend time in the sun as many days of the year as we can. In addition to our mood, sun exposure can also boost our immune system. Let’s not forget how important Vitamin D is for our body, not only for bone health but also for other areas of our health: Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, diabetes, child development, etc.

2. Become friends with goji berry

Our very good ally is, without a doubt, goji berry, the first wild fruit with antioxidant content. The fact that its Properties are extremely beneficial to the health of our body is well known. What may not be so well known are the many, and imaginative, Ways to get the fruit that not only boosts our immune system but also awakens our senses.

3. Exercise regularly

Physical activity helps the cells of the immune system to move faster – this makes it necessary for it to function. However, as is the case with most, if not all, areas of our lives, overdoing it will not necessarily bring better results, so if you feel very tired, do not overdo it with exercise. The important thing is to include it in your daily life, not to avoid it. In other words, a… hello to the sun, you can do it every day, in any case!

4. Get some sleep

If exercise precedes the day, sleep certainly comes more easily at night. But even if physical fatigue is not important and does not help to bring sleep to your bed, do not leave the matter to chance. Try to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night, without interruption. Insomnia disrupts and gradually destroys the immune system and makes it more difficult to fight a virus.

* Tip: Relaxing music is ideal when we have stress, fatigue, insomnia and works extremely effectively when we sleep!

5. Laugh again and again

Laughter, among other things, reduces stress levels and blood pressure, exercises the muscles, contributes to heart health, releases endorphins – natural painkillers of the body! Let laughter have a daily presence in your daily life and… transmit it freely!

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