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Goji berry: Super food for super skin

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December has made its appearance, Christmas is just around the corner and the glow of the holidays has begun to be all around. We want the same for our skin, to radiate radiance – and health, yes!

To look and feel super healthy and radiant on the outside, we need to start on the inside. Surely you know the phrase “we are what we eat”. We here agree and, in fact, supplement with “what we eat, it seems”. Of course, there are no magic recipes. We will not shine overnight by eating a small amount of a super food, nor will we have a healthy body if we do not have a balanced diet every day. But some super foods can help in this direction more than we think. One of them is our favorite goji berry. This… miracle of nature can lead to… wonderful results!

The goji berry has a history of many centuries of use and is highly regarded for the medical, pharmaceutical and beneficial properties. Among other things, it boosts metabolism, fights insomnia, cleanses the blood and helps detoxify the body, fights oxidative stress, delays aging and enhances longevity – let’s not forget its contribution to cell regeneration. In addition to and because of these, it enhances the radiance of the skin.

What does this mean in practice? That helps reduce wrinkles and signs of aging skin, helps protect it from environmental pollution and UV rays, reduces hyperpigmentation and provides a uniform tone, helps retain moisture and promotes collagen production. In other words, consuming goji berry helps maintain the youthful appearance of the skin, one that is hydrated, supple and radiant.

Both the abundant antioxidants and the vitamins and trace elements contained in its fruits, make it one of the strongest fighters against aging but also one of the… magicians for life, health and beauty. Putting goji berry in our recipes and table, we bring health and strength to our body, internally and externally. This Christmas, let us all do it together, in every way, as bright as we can and let us behave with the same logic in our skin. After all, this year, we need the light more than any other year!

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