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Organic Jam with Goji Berry, Orange, Basil & Agave, sugar-free (240g)

Organic spread with a strong taste of refreshing Mediterranean orange, balanced with superfood Goji Berry and an aftertaste of fresh basil leaves and Agave.

Rich in vitamin C



Delicious and refreshing organic Goji berry spread with orange and basil without sugar and preservatives combines the sweet with the healthy.

With agave syrup as a natural sweetener, it is recommended for those who choose a diet with a low glycemic index. It is ideal to start a demanding day energetically, to be a tonic break or a sweet conclusion to a delicious meal, since it can accompany your breakfast or your sweet creations. Perfectly suited to yogurt with cereals, as a spread on bread, waffles, crepes, creams, cheesecakes, ice cream, pastaflora, cakes.

Recommended for vegan & gluten-intolerant diets.

Contains vitamins, rich in antioxidants and proteins thanks to the high Goji berry content.

Goji berry as a superfood:

  • strengthens the immune system
  • regulates blood sugar and cholesterol
  • helps control body weight
  • helps circulation, sexuality and fertility
  • fights oxidative stress, so it has anti-aging properties and prevents pre-cancerous lesions

Nutritional Table – Average Nutritional Value /100g
Of which saturated0.1g
Of which sugars33.5g
Product characteristics
Gluten free
No added sugar
No added Salt
Without preservatives
Without Dyes
Without Pectin

Goji berry*, orange*, agave syrup*, lemon juice*, basil*. *Organic Agriculture.