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We add color to our diet and life!

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Now that it is winter, and spring is a little far from us, and outside, often-dense, it is hazy, it is the time to maintain but also to scratch, paradoxically or not, ways to have the color as much as possible in our life, and it would be beneficial to make it our priority! Why; because the colors change for the better our mood and health!

Our clothes and the decorative elements of our house can be colored. Rainbow colors can, however, be present in the food we put on our plates! And the most important thing here is that in this case our health is greatly improved. The variety of colors means a variety of fruits and vegetables. The more colors on our plate and table the more the benefits of the foods we consume in our health. And because we are on the threshold of the coldest months of the year, we chose to focus on the warmest colors!

Say “yes” to love and vital energy. In other words, say “yes” in red. The red color is found in tomatoes, apples, pomegranates, beets, berries, goji berries (of course!) But also in other equally important foods. Lycopene and β-carotene play a big role in their color, substances that intensify their strong antioxidant capacity and, among other things, protect our body from inflammation and various forms of cancer.

Our love for this color is not hidden! Goji berry is the heart of all our products, but red also dominates our juices, chutneys and delicacies, where apple and tomato have their place of honor.

The orange is like contains the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. And this is happily consistent with the fact that, nutritionally, it combines the strengthening of the immune system with the protection of our skin and our eyesight – and not only that! The most basic food of this color that we all consume is orange – and if you did not see yourself in “everyone”, do not hesitate to give it a place there!

Combined with red, you can find it in any proportion you prefer in our juices , without any added sugar. Where red, you see goji berry!

And now, the terrible moment of reversal has arrived as, the third and last fantastic color that we will suggest you put on your table every day is not hot, like the above, and is not in the food but in the dishes themselves! This is blue. According to the distinguished German psychologist Harald Brahem, when we eat on blue plates, we eat more slowly and therefore have a faster feeling of satiety. Thus, we avoid consuming larger amounts than we need, which helps us better maintain our weight and health. Of course, there are other colors that are extremely useful for our diet. And yet, let us always keep in mind that choosing colorful meals, yes, helps the health of our body, however, our effort needs to be regular and, of course, more comprehensive!

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