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We reduce the stress we feel with the power of the senses

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We know very well what stress means. He visits us all. Sometimes it stays longer and sometimes less. Sometimes he seems to be stronger than us. However, the power of each of our senses and each of us individually is able to defeat this sometimes invincible, seemingly, visitor!

Our 5 wonderful senses can become our allies in our effort to reduce the stress that dominates in several circumstances and periods of our lives. When you recognize that you are anxious, try to trust them and you will not lose. They will do their “job”, as always and as they know very well. How; let’s take a walk on the following lines and let them travel!


One of the tools that can help us in relieving stress is activating the touch or, in other words, the contact! You can wrap yourself in a warm blanket or shawl. The body will feel, after warming up, more comfortable and free and thus it will be easier for the breaths to have a stable and satisfactory duration. Equally effective in reducing stress can be seen, among others, a caress on your pet, a hug with a very familiar face, a little massage on yourself and clothes not only comfortable but also pleasant to the touch when touching the skin.


Extremely fast results can be found by lighting a scented candle in your space, smelling a flower or the scent of your favorite cologne. But beyond these smells, a deep breath of fresh air will be useful. And, of course, the more the better!


Here we meet another case where music comes to prove its power again. Listen to your favorite piece of music or find various sounds of nature on an online platform. Undoubtedly, in a few minutes you will have relaxed – to a greater or lesser degree. Also, do not hesitate to invite someone you love for a short chat. Listening to this familiar voice will most likely calm you down.


Look at a photo you have with you or around you. Look at a flower, a plant, a tree. Look at the sky. Look at yourself in the mirror – you will definitely want to change his expression and see him smile. Even if you are locked in a “cold” place or “on the four walls” (as they say!), close your eyes and look at the sea, the mountain or whatever else you can imagine and want to see.


Eat a small amount of a sweet that you really like. Chew slowly to feel the intensity as intensely as possible and for as long as possible. You will definitely feel better. Enjoy a healthy snack. For example, consuming just a few goji berries enhances the feeling of well-being and optimism. It is no coincidence that it is known as the “berry of happiness “! And, yes, happiness tastes good! The above are just a few examples that aim to either provide solutions for inner peace or to be an inspiration for everyone to then find the best solution for him personally. Also, for some of us, things related to one sensation work best, while for others it works best for others. Find yours and let’s all go one step closer to smiles and happiness!

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