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When the beetroot met the orange and the two together the goji berry

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Haris Kalogeropoulos and his family members cultivate in Vrachati, in the coastal plain of Vocha in Corinth, a sweet and delicious variety of Goji Berry making a series of natural juices, spreads, chutney and dressing
. Beetroot with orange meet in the salads of the modern Greeks πότε so no surprise in this regard. But what if Goji Berry is added to their company – especially that of the sweet and delicious variety Lycium barbarum that has taken root for good in the parts of Vocha, in Vrachati, Corinth?

The answer for a while now – “first we try and then we write” – is easy. The meeting of the three gives us a chutney that goes crazy for legume salads with salted fish or with a “mountain” salmon. I have tried both. Especially, the chutney with lentils from Domokos (by Dimitris Gremylogiannis) and smoked salmon from Taygetos (by Giannis Gerontidis). This particular chutney, then, has… father: Harry Kalogeropoulos.

And he is not his only child. And one and two and three and four children… All his children are under the brand Goji Spirit.

The father of all and together the inspirer and creator of Goji Spirit is Haris Kalogeropoulos from Vrachati, Corinth. The latter has been active since 2014 in Bolati, Corinth, in the coastal plain of Vocha, as a producer of organic Goji berry fruits of the sweet and delicious variety Lycium barbarum.

With a main professional activity in the field of Health – he and his family – as a lover of nature, natural life and as a connoisseur of issues related to Zen and Ev Zin he was always looking for something alternative.

While reading and searching, he became interested in the goji berry plant for the special properties of its fruit. He decided to cultivate this special and unique fruit of this sweet and delicious variety, thus wanting to give another dimension to the taste of goji with which it is widely known.

As he writes, “goji berry is a natural tonic for the human body that provides energy, a sense of well-being, regulates metabolism, and strengthens the immune system because it is rich in antioxidants, excess content of vitamins unusual for fruits, amino acids and amino acids. Small wrist! Rightly, it is given the characterization “berry of happiness” or “of longevity”! “

In 2014 he starts the cultivation with excessive passion and very personal care – as it is a very demanding plant and the organic cultivation is special. Soon, one’s hobby turns into a family affair, since, this fruit excited and made the whole family love him.

On privately owned land, in the coastal plain of Vocha, it has been proven that goji berry plants grow in fertile soil, thrive in a purely Mediterranean environment, favored by the microclimate of the area that gives coolness to the sea breeze and mountain breeze. Summer days.
A standard crop, in ideal conditions for a miraculous plant!

It is decided from the beginning to make the cultivation organic only! Clear instructions and cultivation protocols approved by the EU apply. Defining the specifications so that the quality conditions of an Organic Crop are met, with the result that the fruits produced are a product of high quality. To be the super food. Real super food!!

But the restless creative spirit of the family is not limited to the fresh and dried fruit of their production. They want to integrate the properties of this unique fruit into the eating habits of everyday life and in other forms. How can this be done? How can our children and the whole family enjoy its benefits and make the most of its qualities?

In response, the Kalogeropoulos family creates a series of products of superior nutritional value and taste. Natural juices, Spills, Chutney, Dressing, Dishes all completely organic and certified by TUVAustria, as well as fresh Goji fruit.

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