Goji Berry....

even if you haven’t tasted it yet, you must have heard something about it or about its miraculous effects on our body.

With no exaggeration, this little fruit seems capable of curing everything or almost everything. It’s not so common to see a drug have so many therapeutic qualities as those of goji berry. What’s odd is that we are talking about a fruit that has been planted in Asian countries for centuries. Only recently has it gained popularity in the Western world and therefore to our country as well. It has become so popular that it is fair to say that it’s the modern trend.

What is Goji Berry?
Goji berry is a shrub which comes from 2 varieties: Lucium Barbarum and l. Chinese. They are both indigenous varieties of southeastern Europe and Asia. The fruit has been known in China and Tibet for centuries. It has been mentioned in Chinese traditional legends since 2800bc. It is used in Chinese medicine due to its beneficial qualities regarding liver and kidneys function.

Goji berry varieties are deciduous, perennial and woody and can grow to a height of 5-6 meters. It is a raisin-shaped fruit with a bright red color and a mild taste. A good daily intake of goji berries can be 20-30gr and can be eaten in various ways. Its taste is said to resemble a raisin with a hint of tomato. They can be eaten raw or cooked. Chinese make goji berry wine amongst others.
It is considered to enrich the blood with nutrients and to help its circulation. Goji berry is a great aid for good vision.
In general, it is a revitalizing energy boost for the whole human body. This fruit has always been a superfood: it is believed that it provides the necessary energy for our daily needs, even under stressed conditions. It is also said to be a strong anti-aging tool as well as a long life aid. There are many Chinese people living in areas where Goji Berry is cultivated who enjoy a long and healthy life and can affirm the amazing qualities of this fruit.

Goji Berry Ingredients Facts?
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Goji Berry - benefit from this!!

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