Ways of consuming

There are many delicious ways to eat Goji Berries. The easiest one is to eat them on their own. They are very sweet. Plus it’s a fruit, so you can have more than a handful.

Due to the increasing popularity of this particular fruit/superfood there is a plentiful of recipes available. Goji Berries “Haris” offer you below some of them.

Natural Tea

The most usual Chinese way to make a natural tea is by using goji berries. You just have to take 6-10gr goji with some dried blossoms of chrysanthemum and drop them all together into boiled water and leave it for 3-4 minutes. Then drain them off water before you enjoy this wonderful tea. The Chinese, however, not only drink it for its aroma or marvelous taste, but also for having good vision and for treating any muscle or back pains.

Another way to make a natural goji berry tea is with goji berry dried leaves. Take some and boil them like the regular tea. This drink can relax you and help you detoxify your body. Goji berry leaves as well as the stems may be used in salads.

Apple cake
Dukan- sweet oat cakes
Dukan – Goji Berry cookies
Goji Berry risotto with celery
Goji berry salad
In the tea
With cereals
As a snack
In the bread
Rocket salad with Goji Berry and nuts

Goji Berry - benefit from this!!

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